Costume Wish featuring costumes of all types including super heros, tv and movie characters, classic costumes, fun and amusing costumes, costumes for adults and much more. Find the costume you and your children have always wished for. You can be whatever you wish for Halloween or whenever! Featured are this years most popular and wished for Halloween costumes as well as best sellers.

Here are a few categories to help you find your perfect wished for costume

Halloween costumes for kids, teens and adults

Costumes –¬†Costumes allow you to be whoever or whatever you want to be. Dressing up in your favorite costume is an ideal way to express your yourself on Halloween, at parties or when you are just having fun

Halloween costume masks

Costume Masks – Costume masks can be scary, funny beautiful or whatever you want them to be. Halloween costume masks are great for trick or treating, novelty masks are perfect for parties and fun masks are great fun during play time

Halloween Costume Wigs

Costume Wigs – Costume wigs are a great way to change your look and be who you want to be for Halloween, parties and more. Put on a wig and change your appearance and enhance your costume wearing experience

Halloween Costume Make Up and Make Up Kits

Costume Make-Up – Apply a little or a lot and quickly transform yourself into whatever you want to be. Make up is the perfect thing for bringing a costume or idea to life and actually can make a costume all on its own