Beekeeper Buzz is a website dedicated to the art, science and business of beekeeping. It is still a work in progress, however, it does enjoy a considerable amount of visitors. We intend to build this site up and have it include everything about bees and beekeeping. If you ever interested in bees and producing honey, then this will be a destination website for you

Here is just some some of the great things you will find at Beekeeper Buzz!

An outstanding beehive, the Goplus Automatic Honey Flow Beehive Kit with 7 Frames is made to be a honey production marvel. It has everything you need except the bees. Check out this high quality bee house and hive today!

The Flow Hive Classic 6 Frame Beehive is carefully crafted to experience the ease of harvesting with Flow. Perfect for beginners or experienced beekeepers, this hive contains 6 Flow Frames featuring our revolutionary honey harvesting technology.

Basic Beekeeping Starter Kit which is Made in the USA, completely assembled, painted and ready to go. Includes just the items you need to get you started on the way to beekeeping and becoming an experienced beekeeper. The kit includes a 10 frame assembled hive body, ten wood frames, leather gloves, bee veil, smoker, hive tool and much more. This is a great Starter Kit that you just need to check out today and create your own buzz!

15 Piece Beekeeping and Beekeeper Tool Kit with the essentials that you need to keep your bees happy and productive. This set includes such items as a deluxe smoker with bellows, Queen catcher, beekeeper gloves, hive tool, frame grip and much more. Also makes a great starter kit. Be sure to take a look at this great set