Some Thoughts on Website Repeat Visitors with Updates

I personally, find it truly amazing that there are some people out there who seem to have nothing better to do then to continuously visit a company’s or person’s websites. Especially when the owners of those websites are pretty certain who those visitors are and the visitors surely know that they are seen or have left evidence that they have visited. What makes it funny in addition to amazing, is the attempt by some to use proxies to do this. Little do many of these people know that the visit patterns alone tell a lot about who is visiting.

I am not certain why some people do this, perhaps they are competitors looking for a new angle or just trying to gauge the market. Perhaps they are former employees or employers who just want to know what each other are doing. Perhaps the visits are an attempt at harrasment. Maybe it is a way to use up bandwidth in hopes that it cost the website owners.

Perhaps I am just too imaginative and the visits are from people who are truly interested in the website’s content and what the websites have to offer in which case, for my sites, I would most certainly welcome these visitors to reach out with their comments, suggestions or questions. Feel free to Email Me or contact me by clicking the Contact Us link in the menu bar.

Anyway, these are just my thoughts and insights. Stay tuned for more!

Jim W.

UPDATE: Well, it is apparent that the person to whom I refer is still up to stalking my websites. I know who it is and it is amazing to me that instead of working on their own “business” and websites that they are spending time trying to see what I am up to. In addition, if I were that person, I would be more concerned with “what is yet to come” due to past experiences than with what I am doing on my own websites as a this point, I have nothing to lose and everything to gain whereas it is my opinion, based on tons of research, that the complete opposite would be true for him. Anyway, I do not care if he wants to keep visiting my websites, maybe he will learn something……………………..