E-Commerce Company and Website Credibility

I recently came across a website that I knew very well and will add that I know the company and the people who own the and operate the company very well. And although I am in no way surprised, it seems that the website has been shut down or close for maintenance, which of course will cost them dearly in SEO as the site was up and running for every bit of 5 years old. I then did a little research and see that the company has an F rating at BBB and terrible reviews and ratings on Google. I might mention, and I think this may be the basis of the website being down, the the website carries the company name.

I see now that they have opened a new website with a different brand name. I see no problem with this, however, I am sure that somewhere down the line consumers will see through the facade when the same issues that resulted in the BBB ratings, Google ratings and the complaints on other review sites start to surface again.

So my question is, why doesn’t the company in question just fix what is wrong and move towards running a better business instead of possibly hiding?