Great Bandanas

Check out one of our latest websites,! Bandanas, sometimes spelled as bandannas, have many uses including gang colors, dust masks, handkerchiefs, sun shades, head coverings, doo rags and more. The bandana has fast become a fashion statement when used as a fashion accessory because of the many bandana colors, patterns and styles that are available.

One of the more common uses for bandanas is as head coverings for chemotherapy patients who have suffered hair loss. Because of the many styles and colors of bandannas that are available, making a fashion statement is easy  and will certainly make the wearer feel better about themselves.

Bandanas are very commonly used as a form of identification. For example, gang bandanas help to identify a particular gang affiliation. For instance, groups such as the Crips (blue), Bloods (red), and the Latin Kings (black and/or yellow). In addition, other groups such as cowboys, bikers, ethnic groups and more use bandanas to signify their affiliations and relationships