Polygroup Summer Escapes and Summer Waves Pump Review

We have years of experience with the Polygroup Summer Escapes and Summer Waves filter pumps and over the past couple years have come to the conclusion that these pumps should, at the very most, receive only a 1 star review. There is no doubt that these pumps are severely defective and that it is more often than not that they will need to be returned to the seller or the manufacturer for replacement or refunds.

It seems that the number one problem with these filter pumps is not the motor, but is actually the shaft on the rotor and impeller assemblies. Unlike most swimming pool filter pump motors on the market today that have steel shafts, the Polygroup Summer Escapes and Summer Waves pumps use a ceramic shaft which becomes extremely brittle and snaps after only a short period of use.

In addition, replacement parts are no better and are expensive to say the least. In many cases the cost to replace the filter pump only exceeds the cost of the entire filter pump system itself and i many cases is more expensive than the complete swimming pool set that originally used the filter pump.

However, there is a solution! There is a simple solution to this problem. You can easily use the filter pump or complete filter pump system of your choice, for example, as many people do, use a sand filter. Simply follow these simple steps

  • Remove black Summer Escapes or Summer Waves filter pump from your filter system.
  • Open up your pump either by removing the screws on a Summer Escapes pump or unscrewing the retainer ring on a Summer Waves pump. Be careful not to damage gaskets or seals
  • Remove the rotor and impeller assembly. There is nothing holding these in except magnetism. You may feel some resistance from the strong motor magnets, but it will come out
  • Replace the top of the pump that you removed by taking out the screws or removing the retaining ring. Be careful not to damage the gaskets or seals (if damaged, replacements are available from the factory)
  • Cut electrical cord as close to pump as you can. This is a safety issue. You will not to plug in the pump ever again
  • Replace reassembled black pump in to your filter system

You have now created nothing more than a free flow elbow in your pump with no obstruction from the rotor and impeller assembly. You can now hook up any filter pump you wish by placing it inline between your filter outlet and your swimming pool inlet. ALL WITHOUT THE USE OF AN EXPENSIVE ADAPTOR. If you are using a Polygroup Summer Escapes or Summer Waves skimmer filter pump systm, you can still use the existing debris basket as well as your filter cartridges. This allows you to just use a new pump between your filter housing and your pool. I you wish, you can use this as a great pre-filtering system and install a sand filter system or cartridge filter system inline between your filter housing and swimming pool. Same goes for a standalone non-skimmer-filter pump system.

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