About AnotherW

Many of you may know us as a premier eCommerce website and although we excelled at this, we thought it time to get out of the menagerie of what has fast become a retail mess with the influx of ruthless, unethical, greedy and just plain unfair people and organizations that want nothing more than to take your money. We do not wish to be stereotyped as yet another of these types of businesses or websites. In addition, due to chronic medical illnesses being experienced by our owner, we can no longer live up to the physical demands required in running a retail business.

So, we have decided to use our many years of experience and redesign our website with the sole purpose of helping to filter out the above mentioned type of organizations. We figure that if we are not mentioning, not linking to, or not referring you to a particular website or seller on destination websites, or that we are not mentioning , referring to or linking to particular products or services then they do not meet the standards that we feel consumers should expect when spending their hard earned money.

All that being said, we do invite your comments, questions and recommendations.

Please E-Mail Us and we will respond as promptly as possible and with as much honesty as we can muster.